iPhone QuizBox

Was out looking for a quizbox app for ipad or iphone and you know what I found one, just one.   I downloaded and gave it a try and you know it worked.  If you are looking for a portable quizbox to take with you any where check this out.  

Quiz buzzer 10

 The design is simple and can handle for 2-10 players great for anytime anywhere quiz.  I wish it were cheaper but $3.99 I think there is value.

 I am always looking for new things to help coaches and coordinators and you see anything out there send me a link.

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SmartPhone JBQ

I have been exploring how my district can move forward with JBQ this year even with the restrictive changes. One thing I have found for those who have not seen it yet, is the Study-Pro / JBQ FactPak app by Keith Smith. Keith has written several tools for Bible Quiz and has had one for JBQ on a PC for years. In one of a recent email from the national office I saw an ad for his app and bought it. Like his PC software it has all the BFP (Bible Fact-Pak) questions in it for review and tracking with all fitting nicely in your pocket. He has a breakdown of the questions to study for many of the districts across the country, in most cases all you have to do is find your district. He is willing to add your district if they do not show up, by simply sending the break down to him in an email.

Like his PC software it is a very well designed app but now you can carry it with you all the time. There is an android app as well. With the loss of creating custom study guides, I can see this as a valuable tool for all  parents to use when studying with their children. The price is $9.99 which is the same price as the study guide book and I highly recommend it over the book for parents in their private study with their children.

I hope you find this useful.


by Keith Smith http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/study-pro-jbq-factpack/id529664152?mt=8 there is also

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QSG is here!

It is here!  The QSG (Question Set Generator) and it does generate questions sets for JBQ.   It also generates tests for master seals.   It saves the sets it generates for history.   It has options for configuring the questions sets.   It prints a score sheet for each round with point values already filled in.   The 20 question round I generated was 7 pages long, 8 if you count the score sheet. 

Give it a try it is free for the 1st year.   www.biblefactpak.com


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JBQ Question Set Generator

Yeah!  Finally it will arrive tomorrow.  

Today it was published on facebook the new JBQ QSG (Question Set Generator) would arrive with a name.   The big question how much will it cost?   Watch facebook tomorrow that is where they plan to release the link.

As well, they finally published a list of all the questions they changed on www.nationaljbq.org    I hope the best for the QSG and that the national office is able to publish more great tools for JBQ.

Larry 🙂

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New Bible Fact-Pak Update

JBQ National facebook page late Friday afternoon, 8/31:

We know everyone is eagerly anticipating the online question generator and we PROMISE it will be worth the wait, but we won’t have the finished product until sometime next week. IT has just a bit more tweaking to do, to make it accessible to everyone.
When we do go live, we will post the link on FB. For those you know that might not have FB, please tell them to go to 4kids.ag.org and sign up for the CMA or JBQ news and we will send out the link via email.

My note:
Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Things will work out, prayer and petition can change a lot of things. 


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New JBQ Guidelines July 2012

The new guidelines were released this week on www.nationaljbq.org.   There were minor changes which centered around the mult-version quizzing that is no longer part of JBQ.   Below is what has been found so far and sent to me by Mike Kelly (KY), if you find anything more and it is worth mentioning let me know:

1. All Fact-Pak references are now to the 2011 NIV version.

2. Some minor rewording and some removal of non-essential info.

3. Section IV.C.5 added: 
For Bible Fact-Pak Question # 505, the parenthetical phrase contained in Matthew 1:23, “(which means, ‘God with us’)” is considered part of the answer and is required for a correct ruling.

4. Section VII. Voiding Questions:  Subsections B, C, and D were combined into just section B and a “NOTE” added to Section A.

5. Section XIII. Judges’ Ruling:  In Subsection A, “will remain in the quizroom” was added in the event the judges need to confer due to the first vote not being unanimous.

6. HELP / HINDRANCE added to the “Glossary of Terms”.

 The new fact-pak online program is due to release in the next couple of days, looking forward to seeing how it works and how to adapt to my district JBQ schedule this fall.  If anyone hears anything before I post let me know.


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Who is this?

Introductions are in order for those out there wondering who’s running this site.   My name is Larry Mullins, I live in Oklahoma and I got started in JBQ back in the mid nineties.   My kids were in the 2nd and 3rd grade and friends at church had joined and it looked like fun.   My two sons enjoyed it and stuck with it through the 6th grade and then went to Bible Quiz.  I coached a bit and then became an area coordinator and later district coordinator, where I have been for 10 years.  I have enjoyed JBQ in that I could use my talent with computer programming to help organize and develop tools for me to use in training the kids and then to go on to share with my district and further.

Some of you out there who have been around a while know JBQuizard a question generator for JBQ.   It’s birth was due to an event that I believe God had his hand in.  I had been to a seminar and had won a door prize of an ultimate edition of Visual Studio 6 a $1500 software package that I had been trained to use since version 2.   This enabled me to write software I could use for JBQ and that is what I did.  It took a little effort to get permission to use the Bible Fact Pack questions but I was allowed to do so till the currnent Bible Fact Pack CD was developed and published.  It was also at this time I opend my first web site jbquiz.com.

JBQuiz.com remained active till another blessing happened in 2003.  The domain jbq.org was about to become available and I got it  just as it did.  I then moved everything to jbq.org and have been here ever since.   The intent of the web site was to fill a need of putting information out there that was lacking for the JBQ community at large.   This rebirth is another attempt at that and  I hope to make it more inter-active with this blog.   I would love to share this resource with others as well, through hosting a district web site or even hosting a registration for your district to collect team information on line.

I plan to fill this blog with information that can be used by coaches and coordinators.  If anyone needs help let me know and if you have content you can share let me know.


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Bible Fact Pack Changes

As many of you know there was a change in the questions last year because of a revisions to the NIV Bible.   There were a list of corrections made for the quotation questions and posted last August, this also included a few non quotes as well.   There was a converter program I developed to aid in last years transition so as to make it easier for coordinators to print questions.   This was great in that it allowed Bible Fact Pack CD-Rom to continue to sell.

When the Study Guide, Cards and other material came out in April, it was noticed there were a few other changes made.   Well recently I have found out from a couple of coaches in Kansas City and Texas there were in fact 31 questions changes (5 questions and 26 answers), none of which affect the interrupt point on the questions.  Looking at the changes they are in essence the same and will in most case not affect anything and all the changes that were found are good changes.

Everything fits on a single sheet of paper one sided if all that is documented is the correct answer, should make it easy to share and use as a reference sheet.

My current plans as district coordinator for Oklahoma is to definitely purchase and try out the new question generator once it releases in September.    That said, our first meet in October will be using the old CD-Rom with converter and distributing a hard copy of the changes so official and coaches can correct wrong judgements with judges rulings.   After our first meet I am hopeful things will be ready for the question set generator.

I believe in JBQ and I believe our leadship is trying to do the right thing and I want both to succeed.


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JBQ.org has been around now for 8 years, before that it was jbquiz.com, but through it all it has remained the same.  A place to go find out about JBQ, with the latest transition maybe it will become more than that.

Welcome I hope what you are looking for and get what you need.  If there is anything I can do to help, please ask.


Larry Mullins

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