Bible Fact Pack Changes

As many of you know there was a change in the questions last year because of a revisions to the NIV Bible.   There were a list of corrections made for the quotation questions and posted last August, this also included a few non quotes as well.   There was a converter program I developed to aid in last years transition so as to make it easier for coordinators to print questions.   This was great in that it allowed Bible Fact Pack CD-Rom to continue to sell.

When the Study Guide, Cards and other material came out in April, it was noticed there were a few other changes made.   Well recently I have found out from a couple of coaches in Kansas City and Texas there were in fact 31 questions changes (5 questions and 26 answers), none of which affect the interrupt point on the questions.  Looking at the changes they are in essence the same and will in most case not affect anything and all the changes that were found are good changes.

Everything fits on a single sheet of paper one sided if all that is documented is the correct answer, should make it easy to share and use as a reference sheet.

My current plans as district coordinator for Oklahoma is to definitely purchase and try out the new question generator once it releases in September.    That said, our first meet in October will be using the old CD-Rom with converter and distributing a hard copy of the changes so official and coaches can correct wrong judgements with judges rulings.   After our first meet I am hopeful things will be ready for the question set generator.

I believe in JBQ and I believe our leadship is trying to do the right thing and I want both to succeed.


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