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Introductions are in order for those out there wondering who’s running this site.   My name is Larry Mullins, I live in Oklahoma and I got started in JBQ back in the mid nineties.   My kids were in the 2nd and 3rd grade and friends at church had joined and it looked like fun.   My two sons enjoyed it and stuck with it through the 6th grade and then went to Bible Quiz.  I coached a bit and then became an area coordinator and later district coordinator, where I have been for 10 years.  I have enjoyed JBQ in that I could use my talent with computer programming to help organize and develop tools for me to use in training the kids and then to go on to share with my district and further.

Some of you out there who have been around a while know JBQuizard a question generator for JBQ.   It’s birth was due to an event that I believe God had his hand in.  I had been to a seminar and had won a door prize of an ultimate edition of Visual Studio 6 a $1500 software package that I had been trained to use since version 2.   This enabled me to write software I could use for JBQ and that is what I did.  It took a little effort to get permission to use the Bible Fact Pack questions but I was allowed to do so till the currnent Bible Fact Pack CD was developed and published.  It was also at this time I opend my first web site jbquiz.com.

JBQuiz.com remained active till another blessing happened in 2003.  The domain jbq.org was about to become available and I got it  just as it did.  I then moved everything to jbq.org and have been here ever since.   The intent of the web site was to fill a need of putting information out there that was lacking for the JBQ community at large.   This rebirth is another attempt at that and  I hope to make it more inter-active with this blog.   I would love to share this resource with others as well, through hosting a district web site or even hosting a registration for your district to collect team information on line.

I plan to fill this blog with information that can be used by coaches and coordinators.  If anyone needs help let me know and if you have content you can share let me know.


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