New JBQ Guidelines July 2012

The new guidelines were released this week on   There were minor changes which centered around the mult-version quizzing that is no longer part of JBQ.   Below is what has been found so far and sent to me by Mike Kelly (KY), if you find anything more and it is worth mentioning let me know:

1. All Fact-Pak references are now to the 2011 NIV version.

2. Some minor rewording and some removal of non-essential info.

3. Section IV.C.5 added: 
For Bible Fact-Pak Question # 505, the parenthetical phrase contained in Matthew 1:23, “(which means, ‘God with us’)” is considered part of the answer and is required for a correct ruling.

4. Section VII. Voiding Questions:  Subsections B, C, and D were combined into just section B and a “NOTE” added to Section A.

5. Section XIII. Judges’ Ruling:  In Subsection A, “will remain in the quizroom” was added in the event the judges need to confer due to the first vote not being unanimous.

6. HELP / HINDRANCE added to the “Glossary of Terms”.

 The new fact-pak online program is due to release in the next couple of days, looking forward to seeing how it works and how to adapt to my district JBQ schedule this fall.  If anyone hears anything before I post let me know.


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