How to Start

How do I get started?

Definitely the #1 question.  I even asked it myself several years ago.  You first find out who is in charge in your district and ask them.  I can try to put it in print here but there is nothing like talking to someone in your area.  Believe it or not JBQ is just a little different in every district.   The fundamentals are the same but every district does it just a tad different for first year quizzers and the veteran or experienced quizzers.  You can find your area coordinator here >> 

What do I need to get started?

There are only 2 items which I consider essential in organizing a JBQ ministry in your church:

1. Guidelines and Rule for JBQ which can be downloaded for free at >>

2. Bible Fact-Pak questions.  There are 3 formats currently, Cards, Study Guide and Bible Fact Pak Queston Set Generator Information about these can be found at >>

There are other JBQ resources sold through My Healthy Church but these are essential.

Do I need a buzzer system to start?

NO, you do not need a buzzer system to start JBQ.  Would it help?, definitely.

Buzzer systems are expen$ive, and there are many ways to get one to practice with.  Check to see if you can borrow one from another team and/or your district.  Some churches have extras or you can borrow during times they don’t practice.  Some districts have some for meets as well as kids kamp, some districts will let you use them as well.    Simple fly swatters are used in some countries as a quiz box and can be used for practice as well.

Check out the Quiz Boxes page for vendors.  The most popular is Steve Kirkman QuizBox but the least expensive is Grass Lake.

What are the age limits?

JBQ is open to all kids 1st through 6th grade.  (Note: some districts allow younger and/or stop at 5th grade.  You need to ask your league coordinator to find out exactly.)

Do I really need Officials and what are they?

Officials are the adults who judge the matches.  You as a team are required in most leagues to bring two officials to every meet.  JBQ is not just ministry for children but a ministry for adults too.  I personally learned quite a bit from JBQ in my first year and I was PK.  You must get the parents involved and committed to attend the meets and officiate, start early in letting them know this.

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